Authentic provincial longganisa and other delicacies. Frozen, ready-to-cook or ready-to-heat. Delivered to your doorstep.


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Includes 2 packs each of Skinless Garlic Cebu, Skinless Pepper Cebu, Skinless Spicy Cebu, and Skinless Chicken and Skinless Pork Longganisa from Pampangueno brand Probinsyano for just P1,599!


Ramen Kits

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Flavors include Shoyu, Tantanmen, Miso, Tonkotsu, Spicy Miso, Black Garlic, Seafood, Curry, and Cold Ramen! Each with its own character. Each one sure to delight! Just P1,199 for 9 kits! (plus shipping)


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Save 10% when you get a pack each of Chicken Adobo Flakes, Chicken
Tocino, Naked Imus Chicken Longganisa from Big Ben's, and Skinless Chicken Longganisa from Probinsyano!

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